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We follow the motto that we offer only what we would like.
That is why we have chosen Packeta as the main carrier. We always had the best experience with them.
We send shipments daily between 6am and 9am. You will then receive the package within two days.
When ordering an engraved stethoscope, it will take another two days, because we use the laser externally. So it is possible that the stethoscope with engraving will not come to you for a whole week.

Do you really need a package today? Just call us.

Shipping Femur.cz
Delivery to Packeta pick-up point: 69 Kč
Delivery to address: 112 Kč
Cash on delivery charge: +50 Kč

Delivery to Packeta pick-up point: 95 Kč
Delivery to address: 149 Kč
Cash on delivery charge: +50 Kč

Delivery to address: 200 Kč, cash on delivery: +220 Kč

DPD: 190 Kč, cash on delivery: +180 Kč
Österreichische Post: 215 Kč, cash on delivery: +140 Kč

Delivery to Packeta pick-up point: 128 Kč
Delivery to address: 128 Kč
Cash on delivery charge: +50 Kč

Personal Pick-up
Personally, we don’t like to pay for postage. That is why we offer you the opportunity to pick up your order free of charge, directly at the school. After receiving the payment, we will leave your package in the office of the student association.
Due to Czech law, we are still unable to accept cash and must be paid in advance for personal pick-up.

Currently, it is possible to pick up your packages only at the following faculties:
3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, building B, Trimed office

Our shipping is kind to nature

We do not buy plastics. And if you find any in the package, it is re-used material in which something came to us. We often use shavings made from cornstarch for filling (this is what looks like large nibbles. They are thus easily decomposable. Throw them in plastic trash, unsorted or compost. Or just try to put them in the water 🙂