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Surgical Suture Training Kit – Red


Sold out!

Sold out!

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Surgical suture training set

You want to practice surgical suturing, but you are tired of solving what you need for it, where to get it or how much mess it will make again?
So we have this sewing kit just for you. In this kit you will find everything you need to practice sewing.
– silicone pad
– needle holder
– hemostat
– surgical forceps
– scissors
– scalpel + 5 blades
– 10 sewing threads with a welded needle
It is possible to replace the silicone plate with an empty one so you can create your own cuts. We can also mix or completely replace type of sewing threads in the kit.

Surgical suture training kit

Silicone pad

The set includes a training silicone pad. We found it absolutely ideal for surgical sewing training.
– silicone simulates human skin
– does not slip
– does not spoil (and does not stink)
– withstands hundreds of uses and thousands of stitches
– it is compact
– fits in the case and can be easily carried

Surgical suture practice kit

Sewing threads

In order for the set to last you a long time, we put 10 sewing threads in it straight away. As a standard, we put non-slip braided silk threads in the set, but you can choose monofilament – slippery fibers.

And you can add extra more bellow.


Sewing Thread, Silk, 3-0, Braided

Vlákno hedvábí


In stock

Sewing Thread, Nylon, 3-0, Monofilament
Vlákno nylon


In stock

Quality of our surgical instruments

We managed to add much better surgical instruments to our sets. This way you are sure that all locks will fit perfectly and last much longer than classic disposable ones.

Surgical suture instrument set
Suture training set