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Chirurgické šití
Ostatní diagnostika

Medical equipment



A stethoscope is something you will have to buy during your studies at some point. But which one?

How to decide which one to get?

Ollie Burton had a great video about that.

We recommend Littmann

We’ve made it easy to choose from four Littmann® stethoscopes made by 3M™. Each one is for a different specialisation.
For most of the students we suggest the Classic III model. However, if you want to do Cardiology, you can go with the more expensive Cardiology IV.
A quality stethoscope is a life-long investment.

Fonendoskop Littmann Classic III

Classic III

from 2 990,-
Ideal for students.
Universal application.
Fonendoskop Littmann Master Classic II

Master Classic II

from 3 190,-
More comfortable handling
thanks to ergonomic design.
Fonendoskop Littmann  Cardiology IV

Cardiology IV

from 6 290,-
The highest sound quality
for cardiologists and pneumologists.
Fonendoskop Littmann Pediatric II

Pediatric II

2 990,-
Specialized for paediatrics
with smaller membranes.

How to make your purchase even better?

You can also buy a case for the stethoscope.
This will guarantee that it will not be damaged in your backpack.
Case for stethoscope


We also offer engraving.
Thanks to that, it will be unique and you will always know which one is yours.
Fonendoskop gravírování
Do you already have a stethoscope that needs an engraved inscription?

Write to us in the chat and we’ll take care of it.

Practice surgical suturing

We believe that practice makes perfect. Therefore, we’ve put together a set for practicing surgical suturing throughout your studies.

Whole kits

Starter kit for surgical suturing.

Suturing skin-pads

Lasts longer than real skin.
chirurgické nástroje

Individual tools

For the practice.

Surgical threads

As many as you need.

Autopsy equipment

Whether you are taking autopsy during your freshman or sophomore year, it is always a good idea to be well equipped.

Autopsy sets

All you need in one case.

Individual tools

For autopsy exercises.

Additional diagnostics for medics

During our studies, we encounter the need for our own small diagnostic instruments.

Reflexní kladívko na neurovědy


Neurological gavel



Ideal for internal propaedeutics



Nurse watches